it´s not the time,
that´s passing by.
it´s just a matter of fear
that makes me cry.
i suffer all the pain,
just to see you smile.
but deep inside my heart,
i know i can´t deny.

love and fear and hate and hope,
glory, envy, all controlled.
seemed to be a better thing,
without the wings,
why should i sing?

if god had given me
some wings to let me fly,
why do i fall
instead of rising high?
if you could catch me
in my fall,
where are you though?
so near but still too far?

if there is a hand,
why should i take it?
look into my face
and let me break it?
my heart is aching,
bleeding tears.
i just can´t stay,
i need you here.
to hold my hand
and guide the way.
be my guest
and please just stay.

i´ll love you for ever,
please, do not forget!
even if time passes by,
i can not regret!

´cause loving you, darling,
is the one thing
i will never regret!